Music for Artist’s

How can I begin, such a great topic! some people like making music for money, and some like to do it for fun. I believe we all make music in some way whether it is singing or the rhythm of are day to day lives.

Is it frequencies or possibly colors admitting tones that give us an expressive nature? It definitely comes from some where, one would have to agree that music its self, in its inspiring nature, expresses it self by the perception of the receiver, some people, disallow them selves from getting the true message being projected. If music hadn’t existed what would it all be like, think about it, I think mostly, people would be confused and/or disoriented. So are day to day projects need harmony to exceed. Picture a film with no music, it generally lacks emotion, though the visual is there for reference but you have to agree, music really defines the situation. I personally can look at a still, with music playing, and let my mind wonder and be so inspired its amazing.

Music for artists is some thing we can’t live with out it seems, artists can be any shape or form the main thing is how you express your self. You are unique amazing beings that share similarities all though, have your own style which can be expressed in so many ways that it seems to be unbelievably infinite. What do you think of or hear when your in the artistic zone?

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